3 Stage Filter Media Pack - Single Combo Pack Midsize- Innovative Marine

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3 Stage Filter Media Pack - Single Combo Pack Nano - Innovative Marine

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Keeping your aquarium clean has never been simpler. We’ve combined 3 of the best filter media sponges to trap free floating particulate matter, remove pollutants that cause odor and discoloration, and combat phosphates to reduce undesirable nuisance algae.


Each Single combo pack includes:

(1) mechanical sponge
(1) activated sponge
(1) phosphate sponge for your filter basket.

Each Triple combo pack includes
(3) mechanical sponges
(3) activated sponges
(3) phosphate sponges for your filter basket.


Mechanical Sponge:

  • Mechanical Filtration process that removes the solids before it decomposes and becomes toxic to your inhabitants
  • Removes solid matter such as uneaten fish food, fish waste, plant debris and dust.

Activated Carbon Sponge:

  • Chemical filtration process that removes impurities such as copper, chlorine, medications, tap water impurities, discoloration and dissolved proteins.

Phosphate Sponge:

  • Chemical filtration process that removes soluble and insoluble phosphates that lead to nuisance algae problems and green water